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Minami Halo: Full Containment Halo seat Designed for serious competition drivers!


- Custom designed for Drift Specifications and aggressive low seating position

- Reinforced proprietary material padding on wear areas of seat shoulder and sides

- Accepts 4, 5, or 6 Point Harnesses, Hans compatible

- 1 piece monolithic lightweight FRP construction with reinforcements to minimize flex

-High Tech Thigh, Shoulder and Torso Bolstering with Lumbar Cushions to keep driver planted

- Replaceable Seat and Back Cushions

- Hand Selected High Quality Upholstery

- High Impact Protective Foam

-Size neutral with ample butt, shoulder, and thigh space for drivers of various sizing

- Fitment: 28”-35” waist, Height 6’1” and below

FuryKai Minami (Yellow/Red)

SKU: FuryKai-Yellow