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BridgeMoto's Special Edition FuryKai wheel is the perfect size, depth and durability for drifting!

**Note: All BridgeMoto Steering Wheels are handmade and vary slightly in center markers stitching alignment

- Synthetic Suede, Hand Baseball Stitched with quality materials

- Limited Production Run, collect them now!

- All wheels include a FuryKai horn button and hardware!

- Lightweight yet durable 5.5mm thick Spoke Frame, - 6x70mm bolt spacing with TDC top center bolt

- 350mm Outer Diameter

- 70mm wheel depth, 30mm round grip diameter

- 250lb weight force tested: Built to last, will not bend nor brake under driving stress

- **Pair your wheel with our driving gloves for ultimate suede protection, as your hands natural oils can tarnish any suede or leather wheel

FuryKai Steering Wheel

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