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10 feet Race Tie Down Strap

Weight, Race, and Travel Tested over 100,000 miles under inclement Weather to ensure Superior Performance for Drifter and Racer Needs.

Sold individually (1 piece per order).


- All colors include WHEEL/AXLE STRAP option

- Designed to wrap around Wheel or Axle for a secure lockdown or Hook Mount

- Extreme Low strapping available when looping through wheel spokes

- Custom Lava Pink, Ruby Red, Stealth Black, Neon Green, Sonic Blue, Plasma Purple colors

- New Velcro straps included for cleanly wrapping up excess length

- Military Grade hardware with slim locking hook design for safely hooking OEM or aftermarket tow points

- Rated at 6000lbs working load per strap

- Fully Adjustable length from 1-10 foot

BMI Race Tie Down Straps

SKU: TieDown-Axle
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