SFI Homologated 2 Inch to 3 Inch 5 Point (HANS Applicable) Harness
-Crash Tested and SFI Approved for 2 years dating competition use 
- Includes eyebolt and quick release clip hardware
- All our 5point SFI Harnesses include quick grab tabs for easy adjustment of straps
- 3 inch waist and 2 inch shoulder belts for optimal driver hug and Neck Restraint Fitment.
- Patented Cam lock center release
- Aluminum shoulder adjuster tabs

SFI 2+3 Inch 5 Point Harness

Color Selection
  • * SFI Homologated and Approved Harness

    * Quick Release Cam Lock Design

    * Fully Adjustable, Featherweight Chest and Arm Straps

    * Eyebolt Hardware Included

    * 3 to 2 Inch Chest Width

    * 3 Inch Waist Width

    * Snap On/Off Mounts for simple installation